About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Hapa Marrow Match is to increase the number of multiracial Asians on the National Bone Marrow Registry.

Who We Are

Hapa Marrow Match is a volunteer-based organization made up of multiracial Asians from around the United States of America.

Our Story

In 2016, our friend Paul Salazar-Ota was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, He is of Mexican and Japanese ancestry. After initial treatments were unsuccessful, it became apparent that he needed a bone marrow donor in order to fight the cancer. Usually, a family member is likely to be the best match. Unfortunately, his siblings were not matches for him, so he had to turn to the National Bone Marrow Registry. He is currently still looking for a bone marrow donor. The problem is that people of mixed race constitute an extremely small percentage of the registry — only 3%. Paul’s fight against cancer inspired us to attempt to increase the number of people of mixed race in the Registry, to help our friend Paul, our families and friends, and our community at large.

Our Team

Greg Mayeda
Executive Director
Contact:  greg@hapamarrowmatch.org

Greg is a cofounder of Hapa Marrow Match.  He first became active in multiracial issues when he cofounded Hapa Issues Forum (HIF) while an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.   HIF helped create a community for multiracial Asians, gave a voice to artists, and helped advocate for a change in the way racial data is collected in the US Census.  Greg practices law in the San Francisco Bay Area and lives in the East Bay.  He is the proud father of two young children who may be the least Japanese Mayedas in the history of the Mayeda name!

Vivien Kim Thorp
Director of Communications
Contact:  vivien@hapamarrowmatch.org

Vivien is a cofounder of Hapa Marrow Match and was active in Hapa Issues Forum while an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.  Vivien has vast experience in the non-profit sector and is an avid photographer.

Cindy Nakashima
Director of Academic Outreach
Contact:  cindy@hapamarrowmatch.org

Cindy is a cofounder of Hapa Marrow Match.  She has been educating people about multiracial issues in the Asian American community for over 25 years.  Cindy has published numerous articles, speaks frequently at conferences, and recently curated the Visible and Invisible exhibit at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose.

Alec MacDonald
Contact:  alec@hapamarrowmatch.org

Alec is a cofounder of Hapa Marrow Match and was active in Hapa Issues Forum while an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.  Alec has remained active in community affairs, particularly in the Japanese American community.

Chris Timrott
Director of Operations
Contact:  chris@hapamarrowmatch.org

Chris joined Hapa Issues Forum as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and felt very fortunate to find a multiracial community of unique and interesting people that shared a common life experience. A few years ago, he added himself to the Donor Registry when hearing about a co-worker’s Hapa child who needed a bone marrow transplant. As a father to a young multiracial child, he joined HMM to help increase the potential donor pool and find matches for those in need.